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 Husband: James Larue
    Born: about 1695 in Staten Island, NY (1)
Died: about 1771 in Hopewell, NJ (2)
Father: Abraham Larue
Mother: Alche Gerritszen
01   (M): Isaac LaRue
Born: about MAR 1743
Died: 30 JUN 1804 in Hunterdon, NJ
Spouses: >>>; Anna Ford

Additional Information

James Larue:

Got married before 1722. His name was on a list of married taxpayers (Dubbs).

His children are relatively unknown. Two are mentioned as administrators of his estate, Abraham and Isaac. Moses, Samuel, Peter and Daniel are also thought to be his children.

Several documents relating to the Harbourton area of Hopewell Twp. mention James Larowe as a resident of Harbourton:

1. Will of Andrew Smith of Nov. 2, 1763 mentions adjoining land of Jamew Larow.

2. Mortgage deed of Feb 18, 1772 from John Cornell of Hopewell and wife Mary to Benjamiin Cornell mentions 2 tracts. One is bounded on the east by Isaac La Roo, formerly James La Roo. The other tract adjoins land of Adam Augoie (Ege) formerly Abraham Laroe.

The property which James owned at Harbourton appears to have been owned at a later time by Isaac Larowe (1743-1804), the man presumed to be a son of James. On May 1, 1803 Samuel Howell sold to Andrew Hart 53 3/4 acres which Jowell had bought from Isaac Larowe, formerly James La Rowe (Hunterdon Deed v. 7 p. 344). Adjoining this land was another tract which on Dec. 1 1800 George and Mary Smith sold to Theophilis Stout. This tract of 81 1/2 acres was bought by George Smith from Isaac and Anna La Rowe on May 1, 1791 (Hunterdon Deeds v.3, p. 447). The latter deed is significant in two respects. First it names Anna as the wife of Isaac who owned land formerly owned by James Larowe. This reinforces the assumption that Isaac 1743-1804 who married an Anna was the son of James of Harbourton. Secondly the date of May 1, 1791 for the sale of Isaac's property in Harbourton is interesting. Isaac Larowe 1743-1804 is known to have purchased land in Amwell Twp. from James Gano on may 2, 1791 (Hunterdon Deeds V. 50, p. 28).

About 1732 James' brother David Larew of Hopewell died and the 1734 account of the division of his estate shows James receiving a portion (Will).


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